Providing the best technology and techniques for infrastructure engineering.

Smart Solutions That Scale

We are experts in designing and building smart scalable infrastructure. Our advisory-engineering services and our products cover a broad range of high-tech techniques and technology:

  • Private/Public Cloud architectures
  • Pilot to Production IT infrastructure
  • High Performance System, Network and Storage Virtualization
  • Highly Adaptive APIs
  • Advanced Storage, Messaging systems, and Algorithms
  • Analytical and Process Models
  • Application agnostic technologies
  • Security architectures
  • Critical Network engineering


  • We help you meet your security and scalability needs against the backdrop of reducing costs through consolidation of infrastructure.
  • Our expertise in virtualization technologies and techniques will help you manage the complexities of the IT environment, benefit from virtualization's fuller utilization of equipment and reduce the management and oversight headaches.
  • Our expertise in engineering large-scale systems for cities, states, nationally and beyond allows you to take advantage of our infrastructure scaling capabilities without having to go through the costs and lessons yourself.
  • Take advantage of our experience with infrastructure security, such as FISMA and DIACAP.
  • Keep options open with standards-based and no-lock-in architectures.

Real-World Experience

Our expertise is built upon years of selecting the harder problems to solve for and with customers and turning those problems into solutions. A few examples include:

  • Supported the design, build and engineering of the infrastructure that ran the GSA HSPD-12 Smart Card system for 750,000+ Federal workers
  • We are helping support the transformation and modernization of the City of New York's E9-1-1 system infrastructure, the largest in the nation with nearly 12 million calls annually
  • Advancing the state-of-the-art of systems that help support complex logistics in multiple countries


Elluminates Software Brochure

We combine the best of what is happening in the commercial space with the lifespan and mission of our customers' efforts, and create unique scalable solutions that are a blend of both.


DevOps For Government

DevOps aims to bridge the gaps that have been occurring between the Development and Operations environments by looking at them as a single unified process instead of separate silos. This paper discusses how to apply this commercial approach to Government programs.

Solution Partners

We select the best of breed information technology partners who compliment our expertise with infrastructure engineering. Our partners range in size from large Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses and smaller.

If you are interested in partnering, please contact us below.

What is connected architecture?

Connected Architecture is our approach to enhancing infrastructure so that it stands up to the challenges that our customers' face everyday. Each layer of the architecture lays a foundation for the next so that your critical applications can meet your business mission by counting on reliable, scalable and smart IT infrastructure.


Increase your applications' throughput to accommodate growing, dynamic workloads.


Ensure your applications are always available.


Handle increased workload pressure and detect and heal from error conditions.


Applications are by default protected from each other and the outside world so that only the right access points are available and applications are quarantined from all other applications running on the infrastructure.

No-lock-in Architecture

Applications should be able to move from local infrastructure to private or public cloud providers or other infrastructure providers easily.


Provide automatic and intelligent performance management of applications.


Be able to see and manage the environment for applications intuitively.


Have access to new extension points that allow you to modify your applications as business needs change.

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